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Making Sense of Adult Toys, Vibrators, Massagers, etc.

Adult sex toys are increasing in popularity. Finding the right one will surely enhance your pleasure and enjoyment. We offer a small carefully-selected product line. Please don’t hesitate our Customer Care center should you have any questions or concerns.

Explore our catalog’s vibrators (also known as vibes), rabbits, dildos, discreet clitoral massagers, male adult products, couples toys, and personal lubricants.

Most of our products are sustainable, waterproof, and many are award-winners. We encourage you to become an Intimate Reviewer so we know the products we provide are of the quality you deserve. After all, any day should have a happy ending.

In a nutshell (no pun intended)…

Intimate Lifestyle Products is a premier sexual wellness product retailer and information source. We provide quality products, trusted reviews, and an informational community to promote sexual health and enjoyment.

This year is is HOT! A recent study pubilshed the benefits of vibrator use in relationships, the Fifty Shades trilogy is at the top of the book lists, and a movie about the invention of the vibrator, Hysteria, has recently hit the box office.

All in all, positive sexuality is great for your health, and we’re excited to help you find ways to enhance your experience.

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